Creative Design Agency‘Anon Agency’ is a London based creative agency.

The 4 directors and shareholders wanted to pursue different interests and as a consequence, 3 of the 4 directors decided to sell their shareholding in the company.

‘Anon Agency’ was a very professionally run company, the procedures and processes gave complete transparency of how the business performed. The client list contained some strong brand names, had a good pipeline of business, however at times was restricted by having high customer concentration.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Succession Planning Limited primarily due to their hard work, patience with interested parties and relentless approach to achieve the best result for their client.

Finance Director, Anon Agency

‘Anon Agency’; a London based digital agency, was formed in 2005, by 2 director’s one creative and one technical.

In 2010 a financial director and a strategic non-exec director joined the board. Both with considerable, diverse corporate business experience within larger organisations.

There was a targeted growth plan and the company operated as a larger business, instilling the systems, disciplines and processes to run the company in a professional manner.

After 10 years of developing the business, one of the original directors wanted a change in direction. This was echoed by another 2 of the directors. It was agreed to market the company for sale.

The shareholders knew they didn’t have all the right ingredients to maximise their opportunity but once different objectives were mooted and to maintain the growth strategy, a potential exit was the right decision from the directors perspective.

Anon Agency’s Financial Director, stated:

Succession Planning Limited Director Nigel Elkes was instructed due to both the professional and personal approach. We created a good relationship with the team, they were very pro-active in their approach and had discussions with over 30 interested parties. They quickly sifted through the genuine enquiries and they arranged meetings with the qualified potential purchasers. They qualified potential purchasers at every stage and ensured we were always updated on the progress. Practically every meeting was attended by Nigel and/or one of the team, and it was only after the eventual buyers 6-7th meeting, that there wasn’t a need for them to attend.

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