e-Commerce e-LearningEstablished in 2013 multi award winning e-Learning e-Commerce company, the UK’s largest provider of immediate access online training with customers in over 50 countries.

Over 2,500 courses range from compliance and professional development to vocational qualifications up to Level 7. CRM with circa 3500 customers including NHS, Nandos, and British Airways.

Turnover figures for 2020 were £296k.

A strategic growth partner is required to stimulate revenue and install systems and processes required to maximise efficiency and opportunities.

Particularly suitable to parties with knowledge of the sector and relationships in place to take advantage of cross selling and/or channel or marketing.
CRM development project is underway to leverage value & automate marketing.

Channels: 84% B2B, 16% B2C

  • Bespoke packages of e-learning made up of varied products from avariety of publishers
  • Flexible licensing and payment options to meet a company’srequirements
  • Free Learning Management System for customers to track, manageand evidence staff training
  • CRM with circa 3500 customer records
  • PCI, ICO and GDPR compliant
  • In-house built Licence Manager application enabling customers tomanage, allocate, track, re-order and report on course licencespurchased
  • 13% net profit margin
  • Positive cash flow

More Information

A full profile is available once a non-disclosure agreement has been signed.

For further details please contact: Dominic Marlow: 07894 164 200 – dominic.marlow@thebusinessboard.co.uk