energy managementSaaS company offering automated energy management control in the smart buildings sector.

Fantastic opportunity to acquire a shareholding in a cutting-edge propertyperformance management business with exponential growth opportunities. Being in its infancy, this is an ideal time to capitalise on this opportunity.

Highlights include:

  • Recurring revenue model: gross profit forecasted at 75%
  • Offers significant ROI to users by way of c.30% savings in energy costs
  • Huge opportunities in a market forecasted for exponential growth
  • Backed by a leading built environment consultancy firm offering asignificant opportunity for truly exponential growth
  • Industry leading proprietary software and technology

This is a unique opportunity to acquire a shareholding in a cutting-edge smart buildings company offering SaaS solutions for energy management incommercial buildings.

Developed by industry leading subject matter experts, the business usesautomated AI/ML solutions to reduce energy costs and improve operational efficiency, leading to overall savings of c.30% for their customers within the first 3 months of implementation. In addition to this, each building is provided with its own bespoke profile and receives a rate tariff specific to it ssq. footage and other building specific characteristics; such as occupancy and outside weather conditions in order to suggest the most energy efficient profiles.

With the business’s next generation of building performance management software, existing ioT building network’s can quickly and seamlessly beconnected in order to utilise ‘real-time’ data to improve operational efficiencies and provide net zero healthy buildings. The automation elementis what sets this business apart within the industry, with the solution identifying and automatically correcting energy controls in real time; this speed of analysis, correction and reporting are unparalleled currently.

Driven by several factors including climate emergency, an increase in ioT enabled buildings and greater tenant and user demands, the smart building industry is growing rapidly. To that end, the scale of the opportunities within the market are considerable, with the built environment alone contributing to40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint.

With a number of high-profile customers across the property, retail and banking sectors already onboarded and deploying the software, this represents an ideal opportunity to acquire a significant stake in a cutting-edge business forecasted to service 1000 sites over the next 5 years, with revenue and profit projections on an equally impressive upward trajectory.

More Information

A full profile is available once a non-disclosure agreement has been signed.

For further details please contact: Nicky Larkin: 0118 338